0333/0330 Virtual Landline Number

Order an 0330 or 0333 number for your business

All of the benefits of a professional business telephone system, all within our smartphone app from only £7.50 per month.

This is perfect for the self-employed individual or small business owner who wants a landline number to advertise to their customers in order to create a professional image but don’t want the costs associated with a traditional landline or phone system. Businesses that advertise a landline number rather than just a mobile number are 64% more likely to get the call. With over 650 different area codes available we can provide multiple geographical numbers to those wanting to advertise their business in different area codes and appear local to that area. Clever hey?!

To be able to take your office calls anywhere and work on the move will help you be more efficient and boost your business. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Successful young handsome businessman using phone
Present your landline number
Calling out from the App always presents your landline number making you look professional and at the same time keeping your mobile number private.
Unlimited FREE calls to UK landlines and mobiles
Relax in the knowledge that all calls you make from the App to UK landlines and UK mobiles are FREE of charge (Fair use policy)
Smartphone app
Separate personal calls and business calls by using our very user friendly app to make and receive your landline calls. In here you’ll have all your contacts, call logs and ability to send all calls to voicemail if you’re busy.
Multiple users
Have more than one user answering your calls. When a call comes in, it can ring on multiple Apps
Physical handsets
We can provide physical handset if you’re on the phone for long periods of time or just prefer a fixed office desk phone as well as the app.
Control panel
Access to a cloud control panel giving you access to make changes to the configuration of your numbers and extensions.


Work from anywhere … it’s your call!

Choose a number starting 03
Be up and running in less than an hour
/ month
  • A number of your choice
  • Unlimited inbound calls
  • Redirect to any UK number
  • 30 day rolling contract
Popular Choice
Juice Plus
/ month
  • With all of the great features included in Juice
  • PLUS
  • Unlimited calls to UK landline and mobile numbers
  • Smartphone app
  • Cloud control panel
  • Show your landline number on outbound calls
  • Set opening hours
  • 30 day rolling contract

Why choose Pineapple to provide your virtual number

Friendly support

Our responsive support team are always available ensuring you get the most out of your services with us

Dependable network

Our network is fully load balanced and offers 99.99% availability

UK business

Based in the heart of Lincolnshire and servicing clients across every corner of the UK

Frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost to have a virtual landline?
It’s only £7.50+ Vat per month for the Juice plan which diverts to your mobile or £17.50 for the Juice Plus which comes with the App, all the exciting features and the ability to PRESENT your landline when calling out.
What landline number can I choose?
We have full UK coverage for all towns and cities with a choice of nearly 700 local area codes. You can also have a national 0330 number.
Can I pay extra and choose a memorable number for my area code?
Yes you can request a more memorable Silver number and we’ll select some good ones and email you the options. These are £25+Vat but will make your business stand out rather than a random generated one.
Can I bring my existing landline number with me from another provider to use with your system?
Yes you can port your number across to Pineapple. We just charge a porting fee of £20+ Vat.
How quickly will I be up and running?
We’ll have your new landline number emailed to you straight after you place your order.
How do I make and receive calls?
You make and receive calls via a smartphone app downloaded for FREE from the App store (Apple) or Google play store (Android)
How do I set up the app?
Once it’s downloaded you simply scan a QR code from your welcome email and you’re up and running. It’s that easy.
Can I tell the difference between a call to my mobile number and a call to the landline number?
Yes with the Juice Plus plan the app launches when the call comes in to your landline number so you can clearly see the difference.
Can I set office hours?
Yes these can be configured. Outside office hours, calls will go straight to your out of hours voicemail.
Can I set an auto-attendant welcome message for my customers to hear before the call connects?
Yes you can record a welcome message for your customers to hear which makes your business look more professional.
Can I have press 1 for Sales, 2 for Service ... ?
Yes this is included in the Juice plus and we can help you configure this.
How do I retrieve my voicemails?
Voicemails are emailed to you as an audio attachment.
Can I record a personal voicemail greeting?
Yes you can do this in your control panel.
Can I make calls from a computer with a headset?
Yes when you take the Juice Plus plan you can make calls from a webclient on your PC with a headset and click2dial as well as using the app.
Am I signing into a contract?
It’s a 30 day rolling contract and you can leave at any time.
If I leave can I take my number with me?
Yes you can port your number away to another provider.

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