Hosted 3CX VOIP Telephony

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A complete business telephone system from £8/month per extension

Our hosted VOIP phone system is based on 3CX,  the industry leader in reliability and usability, providing enterprise features without the high price.  Our expertise in network design and management, a unique pricing model, and superior phone and network equipment combine to create a solution that is reliable, powerful, and virtually limitless in features and functionality.

Accessibility Anywhere
Cloud based design allows for you to tie multiple sites together, easily support remote users, and keep the functionality of an in house system regardless of location.

Scales With You
One large benefit of a hosted voice platform is that it easily scales with your company.  No expensive hardware upgrades.  Just add a phone when you need one.

Expertly Managed
We work hard to manage the infrastructure and work with best of breed providers to ensure we can deliver a robust and reliable solution to our clients.


The benefits of a Pineapple hosted 3CX phone system


Work from anywhere

Connect to your extension using a handset, smartphone app or web client to suit you.

Inclusive calls

You receive free calls on your mobile, you should expect this from your business phone system too, we offer free calls to UK landlines and mobiles.

Flexible and dependable

Hosted by a team of experts on a robust AWS infrastructure, leaving you to do what you do best.

3CX Features

Call recording
Call recording is an essential part of many businesses. If you're looking to record calls for training and monitoring purposes or even legal reasons, 3CX has you covered.
Access your voicemail from anywhere either using your handset or receive the message as an email attachment. You also have the ability to create your own presonalised greeting.
Call queues
Intelligently queue your inbound calls and deliver great customer service. The ability to add custom hold music, play introductory message to callers and even the ability to announce the position in the queue.
Digital receptionist
For the most professional image add a digital receptionist to play an greeting and then allow callers to select an option to deliver queues straight to the relevant department.
Office hours
As you would expect office hours can be set at a global level on 3CX but also has the ability to set specific office hours for different numbers if you have specific departments or physical locations that work different times.
Powerful reporting
An intelligent reporting engine allowing you to receive automated scheduled reports delivered to your inbox providing you with key metrics and data to measure performance and help with forecasting.
A fantastic tool for inbound sales environments, the ability to display real-time queue metrics on a large screen to instantly identify how many callers are waiting, the number of available agents, total talk time and more.

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